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“Amber lenses are a safe, therapeu‎tic intervention for insomnia symptoms.”

Dr. Ari Shechter, ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Columbia University

“Blue light blocking glasses lead to significant improvements in sleep quality and mood.”

Dr. Jim Phelps, Samaritan Mental Health

“Exposure to light from self-luminous displays may be linked to increased risk for sleep disorders.”

Brittany Wood, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Blue light disrupts & ruins sleep quality.

Most blue-blockers block almost zero blue light.

Proven to help you fall asleep faster & wake up easier.

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We're lucky enough to have been able to introduce over 10,000 people to what life can be like without blue light ruining your circadian rhythm. Join them today and take control of your sleep.


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I had bought blue light blocking glasses that were clear from a YouTube ad, and never noticed a difference, so thought it was just a scam! So glad I found these.

I couldn't believe how much I started to hate my screens and even just light in general at night once I started using these. You really feel the difference after just a week or so and CAN'T go back.

Was really pleasantly surprised when about two weeks in, I actually noticed myself falling asleep a good 15-20 minutes earlier. Kinda can't believe these are real.

Had been heard about blue light blocking glasses for years, but Driftoff's were the first that really caught my eye. So glad I decided to give them a chance, you really do fall asleep earlier as long as you put them on a couple hours before bed.

THE REAL DEAL!! As someone who considers themselves pretty savvy when it comes to new health trends, I have to say this one is LEGIT. Blue-light really is scary stuff and these really do help with getting to bed on time!

Really sturdy glasses, and like all the reviews say, they actually do work, you can just feel the difference. It's hard to describe, but light almost gives me anxiety now at night. These things let me end the night relaxed, and wake up ready to go. Love it.

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